Buttercream dream

Such an easy cake to do but so effective! 3 different colours of buttercreams all smoothed together, you could do this with any colour of buttercream and it would look great! Advertisements

Sweet Tooth

This is a chocolate lover’s dream! All you need is kit kats, malteasers, smarties and some chocolate buttons! Finish it off with a ribbon around the cake and you’re done!

Peppa loves cake…

This is all done with buttercream and the sugar figures are surprisingly easy to make! Peppa has a very simple form to try and copy, so if you’re a beginner I recommend starting with her, or other children’s characters!

I’m back!

Finallyyyyy I’m able to start posting again, I have a fancy new laptop that shouldn’t be breaking any time soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to post exciting cakes on a more regular basis. Starting from today!