cake at Tiffany’s?

cake at Tiffany's?

This was a cake I made for my best friend’s birthday back in June. She is extremely girly when she wants to be and is in love with all things Tiffany related so the idea was pretty easy!

It was a simple chocolate cake with a dark chocolate ganache filling. For recipe details see below.

for the sponge:

150g plain flour
25g cocoa powder
1tbsp baking powder
100g dark chocolate, melted
175g butter
175g castor (or dark brown) sugar
3 eggs

I doubled this recipe so I was able to make a larger cake.

for the ganache:

200g good quality dark chocolate
200g double cream

Heat the cream over a low heat, once heated through, pour it over the chocolate and stir until the chocolate has melted. Leave to cool and the ganache will thicken enough for it to become spreadable.


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