Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes

Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes

I think it is quite impossible to be sad when you are holding a cupcake. To me, there is something infinitely optimistic about them. (This is a cake-lovers opinion however, and we tend to be over fond of baked goods)

I enjoy making them, and I enjoy eating them. I like how each one can be different even though that was never the intention. I am in no way saying my cupcakes are beautiful, they need work, a lot of work. They were however one of the first things I ever began properly baking, and because of that, I am forever in the debt of the person who came up with the idea of the cup like cake. (Which was, as far as I am aware, some very clever lady in 1796).

I made the ones in the photo a couple of weeks ago when I found myself up early with a morning free. They are regular vanilla sponge cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting. I cannot take credit for the awesome reindeer you see, I bought those from a shop. My favourite ones were the chocolate swirled creations.


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